How to Supply Your Artwork

We’re often asked what’s the best way to supply artwork? This is such a common question we thought we’d put together the following guide.

Firstly simply copying a logo from a website or social media account is not going to make the grade.

This is because online graphics are compressed image files. In order to reduce lag and buffering issues they are very small low resolution images only suitable for online use. Whilst they display perfectly well on the internet such low resolutions are not suitable for physical reproduction such as print.
Screens have a resolution of 72ppi (pixels per inch). Print has a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch).

So What's the Best Format?

Ideally a vector file is best for high quality reproduction.
This is because unlike bitmap files they are scalable with no loss of quality whatsoever.
This means we can use the same file for a business card, a polo shirt, a transit van or industrial signage.


What is a Vector?

A vector is a set of points based on mathematical formulae that define an image.

Because a vector uses points and not pixels it will be resolution independent (if you scale it much larger than it’s original size, it will look the same only larger).

It will have a smaller file size compared to a bitmap.

What is a Bitmap?

A bitmap (or raster image) is a set of pixels on a fixed grid (map) used to define an image. Because each pixel has to be registered at a fixed location it will be resolution dependent.

(If you attempt to scale it much larger than its original size, it will become pixelated/jagged)

It will have a larger file size compared to a vector.


Embed all Images

Before embedding the images, please ensure they are the highest quality.
We advise all artwork placed into Illustrator should be set at the correct output size of 300dpi.
If your placed image is any lower than this it may appear blurry.
The colour mode of the images should be CMYK.

Outline Fonts

Ensure all fonts are either converted to outlines or embedded if sending a pdf document.

It will have a smaller file size compared to a bitmap.


What is CMYK?

Cyan | Magenta | Yellow | Black is the colourspace for printed materials. CMYK is good for printed products like stationary, stickers, t-shirts, product packaging etc.

CMYK is used for physical output.
(for greater accuracy we also use Metamark, Avery, RAL and Pantone colour profiles)

What is RGB?

Red | Green | Blue is the colourspace for digital images. RGB is good for web & app design, social media graphics and anything designed to be displayed onscreen.

RGB is used for digital output only.


Any printed images need to be supplied with at least a 3mm bleed all around the edge of the artwork.
For example, if you want your image to be cut to a size of 210mm x 297mm save your file at 216mm x 303mm.


Obviously there’s a great deal involved in making your artwork looks the business. If you’re unsure of any aspect of your logo or graphic elements then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here at dpi we provide a comprehensive design service. So if you’re in need of a killer brand identity for whatever the application get in touch.
Quality in – Quality out. If you want a silk purse kindly supply the silk